Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Inspired by Zoe

I adore Zoe Saldana. She is totally my girl crush! We used her look at this year's Glamour awards as costume and makeup inspiration for a scene in 'Bedlam'. I  obviously could come nowhere near the luminosity of the lovely Zoe but I very much enjoyed paying homage to one of her looks.

Not the clearest shot, I know... You can just about work out the lacey dress. You'll get to see the whole thing when the show comes out! I loved the hair and makeup so much that I kept it in for a night out in Manchester with the boy....
Boots, Jeans & Jacket: TopShop. Shirt: American Apparel. Bag: Alexander Wang.

I just found out that I have a new job! Its a part in a movie that I read a while back... The script was so freaking scary that I had to wait for the boy to come home before I could finish reading it. The director directed the video for 'Seven Nation Army' by The White Stripes... I love that song and I loooooooooove that video so I'm sure that he will make a great film out of this script.

I'll be shooting 'Bedlam' until November and then straight on to the new movie and then it will be almost christmas!!!! Yep, I am one of those people that thinks about christmas from as far back as July.

p.s Who else is loving Cher from x factor?! Just you-tubed her performance for the 1000th time and realized there are some some very apt lyrics in that song....

"If you be hating, just be mad at yourself
I bet you think this song is about you,
don't you?"

Thanks again to all the followers, comments and twitter followers.... even the 'anonymous' haters xoxo

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  1. That's great for you, congrats!

    What I'm still trying to understand, is why do people who hates you, take time to write a comment? I mean when I don't like someone, I just ignore him/her, I'm not wasting my time for ppl I don't like :p

    Tsss, they're haters AND stupid!


  2. love the hair and makeup, it looks amazing
    you do it yourself? im jealous
    and yaayy ! new movie :)
    good luck with evry thing ! you'll blow them all away ! :)

  3. there's no need for 2 Zoe' are very luminous as well:)

  4. when i first discovered your blog i thought you looked exaclty like Zoe

  5. Hey, i have to admit that you really look just like she, just like Zoe!

  6. Oh my Ashley, I think you are my girl crush! I love checking your blog for inspiration :) These pictures are gorgeous, love the lace and the hair.

    Congrats on the new work! ou must be so busy!! I bet you're really excited though so well done

  7. YES!! I knew there was someone you reminded me of, and Zoe is that person. Super cute!


  8. ah yes I love Zoe! The hairstyle looks great on you as well.

    xx lluvia

  9. Wow looks great :)
    You actually look a lot like Zoe! you've always kinda reminded me of her


  10. you are just as gorgeous as zoe! you actually remind me of her a lot! love your blog so much- found it today and i've been going through the back entries.. you have lovely style..!! xx

  11. hahha i love Cher she's amazing! I can't believe she's only 16!! her style is fab too!

  12. You are totally pulling off a "Zoe"! And Ive always thought you two looked equally lovely! Congrats on the new job...cant wait to see it all the way over here in Toronto...xoxo

  13. Love that hairstyle, looks great :)
    And I love Cher, she was AMAZING!

    You're so pretty, love the lace dress, looks great :)

    Love your blog, look forward for updates :) x

  14. Oh my god Ashley, I have been trying to copy your loose curls look for my hair for what seems like aggggges. I think I finally mastered it today :) you are an inspiration! xoxo

  15. Classic beauty, babe, that's you 100%!!! Keep rockin it! We love your style and your blog is the cat's meow... Happy Saturday!
    Kisses n hugs,
    The Beckerman Girls

  16. Congrats for the job!

    juliet xxx

  17. You actually have a few face features that are similar to ZOE :)


  19. Love Zoe! Also love these picvs you have taken! xx

  20. I absolutelly fan of Zoe!!! if I hurt you, but it seems that you are Zoe Saldana's sister:) Anyway, very have the same features.

    Oh...I finally said it! From the begining I read your blog I whant to say it:)I find your blog very interesting! Thanx for your beauty:)